Prejudices Celeste Fine Art

«del pregiudizio»

«J’appelle préjugé, non pas ce qui fait qu’on ignore de certaines chose, mais ce qui fait qu’on s’ignore soi-même.»

(Charles-Louis de Montesquieu, De l’esprit des lois, 1748)

This photographic project, which I would define as very long-term, wants to consider, beyond social conventions and in parallel to the intense debate on gender identity that has developed in recent years, the true nature of the individual, not as male or female, as man or woman, but as the bearer of difference, of a sexuality of one’s own, intimately connected with one’s essence and certainly foreign to the collective classification that would like to enroll it, in the absence of acceptable correspondences, in the category of deviance or disease.

A socially accepted membership, according to the chrisms of a perfect society, a Celeste Jerusalem bearer of sanctity and blessing, responds to processes of adaptation, closely linked to ideological, political, religious, cultural and social contexts. It is therefore subjected to automatic forcing and conditioning of the relationship in everyday practice, with the attribution of roles, through a coercive action of acquiring the sexual stereotype.

The images, deliberately provocative and at times perhaps even irritating, would like to awaken in the viewer an awareness of the importance of the individual, a protagonist who cannot be inscribed in general categories, and who is precious for the variegated difference of which he or she is the bearer, in an attempt to undermine an absurd, as well as unjustified prejudices.

Prejudices Celeste Fine Art
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